Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finished Fried Greens.

I changed the little picture at the top there. It's so hard to believe that I was that high. Above the clouds. Looking down at them, instead of them looking down at me.

I was so tired that morning after getting up at a rediculously early hour, but seeing the sun rising above the clouds made me grateful that I had. I guess there really is a silver lining to most things, we just never see them because the negative is easier to find.

I finished reading Fried Green Tomatoes a few weeks ago, and have even read another book since. I'm still not sure about Fried Greens, there are aspects of the film that could have made the book better, and vice versa. Poor Ninny dying while Evelyn was at a Fat Camp I didn't like, so I choose to believe that she really went to live with Evelyn. And Itchy selling honey by the roadside in her OldLadyHood? It makes much more sense than the suggestion that Ninny was Itchy. That was a bit of a stretch for me to imagine. It was entertaining, both film and book. But I just don't understand it. Was it a story about Itchy? Or was it a story about Evelyn? Was it about then, or now? What was the core of the story?

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HairDizzer said...

oh my goodness! ok so I have been meaning to go and get the book... I know I had said i would read along with you... but I have simply gotten sidetracked by.. well... life. haha. I do still look foward to reading it and then hopefully we can talk about it some more!