Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Translation.

I often find that when I'm speaking to British people via MSN etc. they use the American version of a word. Apartment instead of flat, for example. It bugs me. If you're British then WHY??

I also find that when I'm speaking to my American friends they don't generally understand the British translation of a word. They don't know that a path is a sidewalk, or a traffic light is a stop sign.

I'm a little worried.

British people are already saying ass instead of arse, but what's next? Jello instead of Jelly? Diaper in stead of nappy? Pushchair instead of pram? IT'S LUNACY!

I like my flat, pram, jelly, nappy, path and traffic light. But is the fact that there are more and more American TV programs shown on our channels affecting our language as a whole?

Perhaps I'm just being stuffy and need to get with the times.

Here are a few others :-)

Pocket money = allowance
Aerial = antenna
Lift = elevator
Fire Brigade = fire department
Petrol station = gas station
P.E = gym class
Maths = math
Newsagent = newstand
Abroad = overseas
Iced lolly = popsicle
Press up = push up
Handbag = purse
Tin = can
Wardrobe = closet
Cul-De-Sac = dead end road
City centre = downtown
Skip = Dumpster

And many, many more.


HairDizzer said...

ok sweetie-face. what is a pushchair? or a pram? I don't know either. :-)

Auburn said...

I meant to type STROLLER.

Pushchair is still a British word LOL! xx