Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let Me Know When You Do a Doo Doo!!

Oh dear, my best friend and I went for a pub lunch with her older brother. He's having girlfriend problems and proceeded to get a few things off his chest that are annoying him about her. While explaining he said;

"She winds me up all the time, I can't have a shit without her knowing the weight, size and what time it came out."

Embarrassing humour struck again, and quite frankly there is no reason why that should have reduced me to tears. He saw the funny side of it too, thank goodness. We've all been friends for years so they know what I'm like, but the other patrons gave me odd looks when the laughter induced a bit of snorting.

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HairDizzer said...

hahahahaha this had me rollin too. i swear you and i have the same sense of humor!!!