Thursday, January 15, 2009

Embarrassing Humour.

I've just got home from work. It's been a long day. Relaxed compared to most days, but long. I'm sitting with a glass of Vodka and Redbull, it's early, I know, but I deserve it. I now have five days off so that needs celebrating. FIVE WHOLE DAYS OFF. HOW ABOUT THAT THEN?

A funny thing happened at work the other night, which highlights my humour. My 'embarrassing humour'. If someone farts or talks about no. 2. I laugh. WHY? I have no idea why. It's an involuntry thing. I just have to laugh.

A client, who happens to be a drug user, came into the shop for their daily dose of, well, legal drugs. Upon serving her, she let rip. It wasn't silent, I didn't stick around long enough to know if it was deadly, but the fact that she just farted and politely said "excuse me", crippled me WITH LAUGHTER.

But how wrong is that?

Why did I find that funny?

Is it even funny?

And how embarrassing is it that I couldn't control my laughter any more than she could control her bowels?


HairDizzer said...

hahahahahhaha... I'm right there with ya girl. I would have been laughing my ass off... I simply can't control myself laughing when someone just lets one go... in front of complete strangers... and just acts like it's nothing.

Even more funny, my adorable coworker Katey... she's a very prim and proper tall gorgeous blonde... until you get to know her. When we're in the break room at our salon... she'll let one rip silently, and then say 'I just shot a bunny.' Or, she'll sit there, with this weird look on her face, and I'll go... 'whats wrong?' and she'll respond "i'm gonna shoot a bunny" and then let it ALLLL out... no shame in her game. Her mom, when she was little, would always call farting 'shooting a bunny.' this is still the funniest thing ever to me, even after working together for over two years hahaha.

Auburn said...

Your friend sounds like a funny person! And similar to me, except I don't announce it if I need to shoot a bunny, or have shot a bunny. It doesn't seem to be funny when I do it, just embarrassing. But when other people do it shamelessly. It's hilarious!

I'm going to have to steal the 'bunny' term. That had me giggling my arse off! Yay to fart humour! xxxx

marie said...

That's funny!