Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stop! You're Not a Theif!

Ok, I know that I have accidentally walked out of a shop without paying for something on at least two occasions. But I have admitted these offences and moved on. Today I was in Boots Pharmacy buying shampoo. I paid for the shampoo and went into the shop next door which was Next clothing shop. 10 minutes later a man in a suit came upto me and asked me to go back to the pharmacy because security would like to speak to me, I asked why and he wouldn't say, so I agreed. They took me into the back of the shop and explained that they had seen me steal some shampoo! WHAT?

Oh no they didn't!!!!!!!!

I thought someone was going to shout out "smile, you're on candid camera" any minute, but no, this guy wasn't joking. He asked me if I had a recipt and I said yes. I gave it to him and even though I had given him proof that I had paid for the shampoo, he still refused to believe me, so he called the police.

The police came 15 minutes later and the security guy explained that he had seen me steal shampoo. He didn't tell them that I had handed him the reciept as proof of purchase, so when I told them, they were obviously suprised.

The female officer asked if she could search me, so I agreed. She searched me, my bags, my purse, my pockets.... it was very degrading! They looked at the reciept, studying it thuroughly, then asked the women who served me if she recognised me. Of course, she did.

She should do, she only served me half an hour ago!!!!!!!!

The police agreed that I wasn't guilty of a crime and unless he proved otherwise he had no right or reason to take up any more of my time, and that he should actually apologise to me, a paying customer, for the inconvinience he had caused. Insead, he gave me a letter that said I could no longer shop in this particucular Boots store.

If he thought I'd go back in there after this ordeal anyway, it shows how much of a fucking nutter he is!!!!!!!!

I've never felt so.... low? He thought I was a theif, and that bothers me. Wouldn't that bother any innocent person?

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Candleshoe said...

Send a copy of the receipt and the letter to the Boots Head Office with a Very Angry Letter. It can't do any harm, and it might get you an apology and a few advantage points...

I'd be furious too. The bastards couldn't even accept they'd made a mistake and apologise!