Saturday, January 24, 2009

Expensive Letter to America.

I sent a parcel to a very dear friend of mine who lives in New York. We've been friend's for a couple of years now. Time flies. The parcel contained a gift I had bought from my trip to Lanzarote in September, but I'd been busy and lazy and forgetful, so I had only just managed to send it. Bad friend!

I sealed the box then wrapped it in brown paper, sealing that too. I then went to the post office to send it. When I got to the post office the woman behind the screan asked me if there was a letter in the box.... erm.... yes? Uh oh! She then told me that had I not put a letter in the box sending the parcel would cost me £5 pounds less. NOW SHE TELLS ME! She offered to give me some tape so that I could take the letter out and send it seperately, but seeing as it had taken me four months to send the parcel anyway, I decided to just pay the extra and have done with it. Otherwise It'd still be sitting in my room.

I love what I sent my friend Deebie though. I wanted me to have it. I hope she likes it too.

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db said...

for me?! I'm so excited I dould pop! What could it be? What could it be?!