Sunday, March 08, 2009

Auntie Ria

My auntie Maria is certainly determined to live life to the full after her ordeal two years ago. Last week she decided to run a pub, so her and her partner, Chris, have been true to their word.... and got one! I wouldn't say it was the best looking pub in the world, but it's close to their home which means they can still have their family life, which is good because family is certainly the number one priority to Maria.

Considering I talk about her so much, here she is.

I don't know who that is in the picture with her *whistles*....

Our family had a huge get together, and considering I have 8 aunties and uncles, and 21 cousins, when I say 'huge' I really mean it. Our family managed to fill the pub. We danced, sang karaoke and partied like it was well past 1999. Because we're such a large family, occasions where we're all in the same place at the same time are rare, so when they do happen, we make the most of them. Tonight was fantastic, and after Maria's ordeal, we were closer than ever. It's a nice feeling, and we were all there to wish Maria and Chris well in their new venture. We certainly boosted the takings with the amount of alcohol we drank.

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