Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Train of Random Thoughts

I keep thinking all kinds of random crap that is really just, well.... odd! More than a few times today I have found myself wondering what the hell I just thought.... I mean, did I really just think what I thought I did? Anyway, here's a few of my wierd inner ramblings that I can remember.

I don't know why I'm eating this carrot, I only like carrots when they're tinned in sugar water, so why did I think this non tinned sugar water carrot would be ok for me to eat?

If I threw this ball of paper at Daniel what would he do?

I think I need new shoes.

Her forehead is huge!

That bitch is on her period for sure!!

Does my nose look big from the side?


She bites her nails.

A scarf indoors is going overboard.

Those windows need cleaning.

I'll pee at half past two.

I should probably be paying attention to what she's saying....

Dr. McDreamy is Dr. McSleepy for me because I'm a big fat lesbian!

I'm glad I'm not from Birmingham.

I can't get fat, I've tried.

Sainsburys isn't the only supermarket you can pick your nose in.

This is only half of the ramdom crap that went through my mind today. Goodness, I really do think I'm losing it!

In other news. Macrina the Incredible came to work with us today. She went to spain for the weekend last week and brought me back a CD of my favourite Spanish Band 'La Quinta Estacion'. She also bought me a CD of a band she thought I'd like, and I honestly had no idea what to say.... how sweet! Le dreamy sigh....

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