Friday, March 13, 2009

But it's Sunny Outside

I've been told that I'm behaving like a camel. rather than doing things that I want to do I'm simply storing them in my hump. I agreed with the person telling me this because I know there are many many things I want to achieve, so I bought a guitar. It's one less thing in my hump and I've always had the desire to be able to play.

It's customery to name ones guitar, but right now I want to name it 'The Fucking Waste of Money' because I can't get the hang of it. lol. I'm sure in a few months when I've learnt some songs I'll think of a suitable name.

So the grass cutters were out today, and I almost wet myself a little with excitement. I walked to the bus stop and felt a little giddy at the thought of warmer weather. Yippie! But when I got to work my colleague was in a bad mood. I hate when other people are grumpy because it makes me feel forced... like I'm being forced to feel the way that they do.... like just because they don't feel good, nobody else can feel good either. Like, I said like alot just then. Ha!

I asked her why she was in a bad mood, and she had no idea. NO IDEA! She was bringing this big black cloud into the room yet she had no idea why? So I was like, "but it's sunny outside...." Because how can anyone be in a bad mood when it's sunny outside?

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