Monday, March 16, 2009

If Only it Was Possible

Sunday the 15th of March 2009 never happened for me! Oh my goodness.

I often pride myself on having a strong will, but why oh why oh why do I fold like a cheap deck chair when I go out with friends and drink alcohol? The results are often near fatel the next day. I swear yesterday the grim reaper was standing at the end of my bed tut tutting at me and looking at his watch.... no really, I felt like death was taunting me.

Alright, ok, I know, I'm being dramatic. But for the love of chocolate why can't I just never drink again? I know that when I go out I will drink evil alcohol, so I think the only promise I can actually make to myself, and actually stick to, is to never allow myself to get that drunk from this moment on.

So this is me, promising myself to never be that drunk again.... I think.

( For the Record: I didn't do anything stupid while drunk, I just felt a wee bit unwell the next day)

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