Monday, March 23, 2009

Nose Bleed Memory

I blew my nose this morning when I got out of bed. The season is changing so it's a little bit runny. Attractive.

Anyway, I blew too hard and started a little nose bleed, I stood for ten minutes hovering over the bathroom sink, and while I was there I remembered something from when I was younger.

A girl I used to play with named Emma had severe epilepsy, so her mum was quite over protective and was always taking Emma to the doctors. One day Emma told me that she kept getting nose bleeds so would have to stop playing at 3pm so she could go see the doctor.

After dinner when I knew she'd be back, I went to call for her and asked how the appointment went, Emma said it was fine and tried to hurry me out the door, but suddenly from another room Emma's mum shouted "The doctor said she wouldn't get nose bleeds if she just stopped picking her nose!"

Haha! I had completely forgotten this happened until I was hovering over the sink. It's funny what things we have in our memory bank, and what things trigger them to surface.

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