Monday, April 13, 2009

Grass Cutting = Bodybuilder's Sport

Ok. I simply do not have the arms for the activity that is Grass Cutting. I stood for half an hour yesterday morning with the new strimmer I bought, strimming the grass away like a mad woman..... hell yeah!


HELL NO!....

My arms! MY BLOODY ARMS! What in the frilly knickers happened? My muscles feel like mush. Apparently cutting grass is a bodybuilder's sport because I can hardly lift my glass of water today, and while getting dressed this morning parts of me protested that I never knew existed! I wish I was exaggerating, I really do.... lol! I'm not unfit, I jog, I swim, but obviously, whatever muscles I have that are involved in cutting grass, are shrivelled and in a state of disrepair!

This four day Easter weekend has been rather fantabulous though. I wish it had been a five day weekend, oh ok, why not just make it a week? But alas, it's back to work tomorrow. *whinge, whine, moan*.

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