Sunday, April 19, 2009

M Fence Paint.

I was painting my friend's garden fence this afternoon. It was a warm day, the radio was on. I felt content. It was a nice feeling. But I realised something.

Every time I paint a fence. Any fence. It reminds me of M.


Nadia Norden said...

Dearest Auburn♥
Allow me to exercise my English. That what you write is a real “mixed feelings” isn’t it? However it is so kind of you to paint the fence of your friend’s garden. She surely will appreciate it, to be so lucky. Also M. must be happy to know that you think about her, I think.
You wrote at first “fance”, afterwards “fence”. What would the Freudians say about that slip of the pen?
Tenderly yours,

Candleshoe said...

For me it's chocolate truffle sweets, MSN, northern accents, Se7en, broken printers, floods...