Monday, April 20, 2009

Optimism or Stupidity?

Sooooooo After painting said fence yesterday, Roomy and I went to a party at a Nursing Home. My uncle works there and he asked us to keep him company, so we weren't gatecrashing a nursing home. That would just be weird. Anyway, It was an anniversary party because the home had been open for 10 years. And I'm not kidding you..... but you'd never guess what was there.....


Who has a Bouncing Castle at a nursing home party? WHO? LOL! Roomy and I couldn't help but laugh. Funnily enough, nobody was on the inflated fun machine! I can't think why.... I know you're thinking that perhaps it was for the grandchildren? But nope, it was an adults only shindig. Most of the old dears couldn't lift themselves out of their wheelchiars, who one arth thought that they would miraculously somehow spend all afternoon bouncing on a BOUNCING CASTLE?

Maybe it was optimism that made them do it.

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