Sunday, April 05, 2009

Wrong Trolly, Luv.

Auntie Maria struck again yesterday afternoon. I'm starting to think my blog should be about her, but she's so.... silly.... loveable.... adoreable.... funny.

When I can I go shopping with her on a Saturday afternoon, just to help carry her bags. This Saturday was no different. We put our pound in the trolly (shopping cart) and made our way down the isle in the supermarket. She picked some wash powder (detergent) off the shelf and turned around to put it in our trolly not realising I had moved away. Consequently she put her wash powder in the old woman's trolly that was standing behind her. Maria didn't know what she had done until I said "Maria, wrong trolly, luv." She looked up to see a bemused old lady staring at her and was, needless to say, extremely embarrassed. I cried with laughter.

From then on whenever the old lady and I wandered down the same isle we joked about Maria's mishap.

Crazy auntie!!!!


Nadia Norden said...

Dear Auburn♥,
That is so nice, luv! Wish I was in your near and go shopping with you.
Tenderly yours, xxx
(in Flanders, Belgium)

pj said...

You should do a post on slang words that you use or just different words that us silly Americans don't use.

Enigma said...

Hi there,

I have seen you're a Willow and Tara fan; love them!
I love the United Kingdom; I'm half Belgian, half American, but I'm trying so hard to get my british accent right :D Silly I know; but I love the accent.

Nice Auntie you got ;)