Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Smile, The Phone's Ringing!

I've never been a fan of telephones. That's why I mostly e-mail or text my conversations with various friends or relatives. But where I work, phones are a necessity.

I answer the phone if I'm standing right near it and have no escape route, otherwise I'll pretend I can't hear it and be on my merry way. As for using the phone, I avoid that too.

Despite hating this bloody contraption that aids in communication, I make it a rule to be as helpful and polite as possible when answering a call. But I find that the majority of people on the other end of telephones are miserable, snappy and on occasion, down right rude.

It's amazing, though, how much better I feel when the stranger that answered my call and helped me with my problem is kind and understanding.

It makes me more determind to stick to my policy of being polite.

I do have exceptions though. If you phone me and you're rude, I'll quite happily and easily ruin your day.

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