Monday, May 04, 2009


One of my MAJOR peeves is when somebody tells me to shh. I'll be mid sentance and all of a sudden ...."shh...."

My blood boils, and to be quite honest I'm more likely to become louder.

So this afternoon at work my colleague was on the phone, I was talking to another colleague at the same time, so I recieved a 'shh....'. The shushing came with a scowl, to which I scowled back and informed them that they were using a cordless phone so they could, in actual fact, get up off their lazy, fat fucking arse and move to somewhere quieter.

All right, I just pointed and waved my hand at them to remove themselves from the noise, but I was THINKING "get your lazy, fat fucking arse off the chair and move somewhere quieter".

Seriously, don't shh me. A simple "I'm on the telephone, please keep the noise down." Would have sufficed. Had that of happened my reply would have been a very polite "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realise I was talking so loud."

Update on the wedding party. I work with 14-16 people (can't remember how many exactly) and only a handful of my colleagues attended. Each of the people who didn't attened were consequently ripped new a-holes by the people who did.

I'm going to Portugal in two days, so my 'give a damn' is on the fritz. :)


db said...

I think that one virus your 'give a damn' caught wiggled its way through the internets and infected me!Have fun in Portugal!

Auburn said...


Not giving a damn is a good attitude to have sometimes.

Huggies xxxxxxxx