Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Traditional Album?

I don't think sitting on the couch drinking wine and laughing at rediculous photos taken of embarrassing family moments in a photo album is a tradition anymore. All of my family have seen the pictures of my holiday, but I didn't actually show them, they just wandered onto my flickr account and had a nosey. In fact, I haven't even had them printed. They're on a memory card and still in my camera.

Online photo albums have made actual photo albums more or less obsolete, I find that kinda sad.

6x4inch bits of glossy paper depicting moments of my childhood are in photo albums in my mum's spare bedroom, but if I have children, where will their precious moments be? On a memory card the size of a finger nail?

Environmentally friendly.

But I'm sentimental.

I had a point but I've lost it....

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