Saturday, May 02, 2009

Wedding Party!

I'm hiding.

Tonight is the night of my colleague's wedding party. She got married (assuming all went well) at 3:30 this afternoon. I was invited to the after party, but have dreaded it for weeks for a couple of reasons.

1) Money. Taxi there and taxi back would have cost more money then I was willing to/could spend considering I'm going on holiday in four days.

2) The only people I would have known were my colleagues who are over 40 and all married themselves, the folk nearer my own age had prior engagments(oddly enough).

3) Going to these types of functions when you're dating but not 'serious' is hard, because the questions are plentiful and the answers are lies. "I didn't want to bring my lesbo-crush-date because I didn't want to subject her to your hetro-upperclass-married questions", wouldn't be an appropriate answer, I don't think.

4) I have never been and didn't know how to get to the venue.

5) I felt obligated to go, and I hate hate hate feeling obligated to do anything.

6) because of all of the above, I didn't wanna go.

I do, however, realise this post sounds kinda selfish. It was my colleague's big day, and I didn't celebrate with her for lame-arsed reasons. Don't worry though, karma will bite me in the bum. I have no doubt........ Probably tomorrow when I have to face the people I work with who did go.


Nadia Norden said...

♥Auburn♥ Luv
I also would have hided !
Tenderly yours,

Celyn said...

I've avoided a wedding or two for all of the above at one point or another. Maybe a bit selfish, but I am sure no one would want to be standing up against the wall with a nervous grin for the whole party. Only human.