Monday, June 08, 2009

Lesbian Almost Down. Close Call.

My life flashed before my very eyes this afternoon.

On my way to work I heard the radio travel news announce that the traffic lights outside my place of work weren't working. I took note. When it came to crossing the road there was no light for me to press, therefore no green man telling me it was safe to cross. This meant that I had to be extra vigilant and use my 'Stop. Look.Listen' training I received in primary school.

So I stopped, I looked, I listened, then I looked over my shoulder to make sure no cars were coming around the corner. I saw that there was a car coming, but it didn't have it's indicators on, so assuming the car was going straight ahead I stepped onto the road only to hear screeeeeeeeeech.


Like something out of a Spiderman film I got out of the way - don't ask me how because that part is a bit fuzzy. My heart was pounding, my head was dizzy, I thought I was gunna die just from the shock. Despite not using his indicators and speeding around the corner like something out of formula one, this IDIOT had the cheek to get out of his car and shout at ME.

This guy tells me I need to look where I'm going, I tell this guy he's about to get a dint in his bonnet, then poof there's a dint in his bonnet - I hurt my hand.

I couldn't breathe I was so angry and scared. I sat on the curb, my heart still pounding when my colleagues came out having heard the fuss. The guy exchanged a few expletives with my boss then got in his car and drove off.

My heart is still pounding.

Lesbian almost down!
Close. Fucking. Call.

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Anna said...

I'm really reallly realllly happy that you are ok. And I hate idiots like that, I drive the road with them every day and sometimes I come home with a sore throat from yelling at them, the a**holes. Hugs huugs hugs!!