Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dental Cheesecake.

For some reason I like to know the time of the place that people live in when I'm reading their blog. Like, some places are 8 hours behind me and when I've done a full days work, they're just getting out of bed. It fascinates me. Anyway, because of this I've put a little clock riiiiiight there. --->

I'm currently taking a break from crushing digestive biscuits. That shit is hard work! I'm crushing them up because I'm making cheesecake. It's a simple recipe I found on the ASDA website. Jamie Oliver eat your heart out. Gordon Ramsey can just fuck off and vanish, though because I don't like that man. I digress.

I went to see the dentist today. Just a check up. I have one every 6 months. the woman looked at my teeth, told me they're perfect, then sent me home £16.50 poorer.

Ain't that fab?!

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Vicki Valentine said...

I don't like Gordon Ramsey either, he's an arrogent twit >.<