Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shampoo Conundrum

I was in the shop, wandering down the isle where all the shampoo lives - I wanted to buy shampoo, so this was a bonus. The problem, and yes there was a problem, is that standing in front of the shampoo I was met with the conundrum of having too much fucking choice!

I have highlights so I need something that will enhance the colour. I have a sensitive scalp so I need something that will enrich and sooth. I'm a brand snob so I need something that's probably overpriced. That left me with six or seven options!

After standing in front of the shampoo picking up and putting down several bottles, I noticed there was a lady, who was, I'd say, in her mid fifties, who had been standing next to me and doing the exact same thing.

I looked at her, she looked at me and we nodded in recognition. "Too much choice." she said. "Trying to figure out the perfect shampoo for my gray hair is giving me more wrinkles. It's a lose lose situation!"

Forealz, lady.

I eventually went for V05 something or other. fyi.

Heh. I just typed forealz AND fyi. How cool am I?

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Nadia Norden said...

Auburn♥ Luv,
You are VERY cool!