Monday, August 10, 2009


I was sitting on a bench waiting outside a shop this afternoon, my friend was inside trying on clothes. It was our second shop in an hour and a half and by this point I needed a stiff drink. (I've made a mental note not to go clothes shopping with this particular friend in future, after an hour and a half she should have at least been to four shops, minimum!)

I was partaking in a bit of people watching just to pass the time, when I noticed an old man sitting on the bench opposite me. He was OLD old. Hunched over, bald head, no teeth, clothes from the 1800's OLD. This scary looking old man was sitting there quietly. I assumed he was also doing a fair amount of people watching of his own, when a little boy, looked about four or five years old, came running into view. He saw the old man and slowed to a holt. Then the weirdest thing. The old man stared at the boy, the boy stared at the old man, neither saying anything yet neither looking away, and they stayed like that for what seemed like minutes.

My friend sat next to me on the bench, and when she realised I hadn't noticed her arrival, she asked me what I was looking at. I informed her that I thought I was witnessing something spectacular, an Age-off!

Her laughter echoed off the surrounding buildings, the boy and the old man turned to look at her, the moment was lost.

I don't really know what was so interesting to them that they stared at each other like that. Then again I don't know what I found so interesting in them for me to have noticed it happen.

People are a mystery to me.
That shit was just wierd.
I enjoyed my stiff drink.

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