Sunday, August 09, 2009

Wasp Attack!

Is it just me, or are there more wasps this year than any other?

I don't ever remember being pestered by wasps so much, in fact, I don't ever remember being pestered by wasps at all until now. Hmm...

A friend and I were enjoying the beautiful weather in a beer garden yesterday and there were at least three wasps invading our personal dance space. I'm not particularly scared of wasps, but I was annoyed by them. My friend however threw a hissy fit whenever she realised one had gotten a bit too close. She looked like a team of Rugby players were heading straight for her, ducking and darting from one place to the next. (Truth be told, I was embarrassed).

So, to save her from doing herself an injury and save me from having to leave the pub in embarrassment, I left a bit of the Coca Cola I had been drinking in the bottom of the glass for the sweet-toothed wasps, then moved to another table, and they left us alone after that.

Now that I'm retelling this story I feel like they manipulated and bullied me out of drinking the drink that I paid for.

Damn wasps!

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Nadja Norden said...

Dear Auburn♥Luv
I hope you are not longer upset with me. I can’t confirm wasp attacks this summer, but there are many bees in Belgium this year. Contrary to wasps, who only hurt, bees are not aggressive and are useful. I hope and wish you’ll enjoy my little message.
Tenderly yours,