Friday, October 30, 2009

Lit by Twilight

After seeing, and quite enjoying, the film Twilight, I decided to buy the book. More often than not a book is way better than a film and obviously gives you more insight into the characters and their journey throughout the story. The film seemed a little bit rushed, but the book was slow in pace until the last few chapters. It was a good read, and I've bought the follow on 'New Moon'.

I realised that seeing the film somewhat ruined the book for me. Not because I knew what was going to happen, but because I never had to use my imagination to conjure up what Edward and Bella looked like. Whenever I read the name Bella, I immediately pictured Kristen Stewart, and Edward was Robert Patterson. Watching the film ruined the magic of the words in their ability to create an image of the setting and the characters. Books are good like that, they guide you but ultimately you create the picture.

I'm excited for New Moon to arrive in the post from Amazon. Stupid postal strike better not interfere with my Twilight fix!

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pj said...

My wife talked about how she couldn't put it down... All 4 books later the best way to describe them is literary candy - enjoy!