Sunday, November 01, 2009

Three for Two

This week I think I have lost at least two whole hours of my life trying to find a hotel room, for one night, in Manchester. The problem was that I wanted a room for three adults, but hotels don't accommodate three adults, only two adults and a child. I suppose the third member of our party is small enough that she would take up about as much room as a child, but that doesn't factor into a hotels handbook.

Anyway, we've taken to booking one double room for the three of us and are going to sneak one of us in.


Why do we even need a hotel room, you ask?

Because we are going to see Tegan and Sara live in concert, I say.

Pure Excitement!


Candleshoe said...

For future reference - a Travel Lodge 'family room' sleeps three adults very comfortably. Crappy TV, but good sofabed!

Auburn said...

The closest Travel Lodge to our venue was fully booked, the other was further away than the premier inn hotel we're staying at, so we would have spent the difference in taxi fairs!

I think I've found a gap in the market though, gunna get my business brain working on that!

Nadja Norden said...

Dearest Auburn♥,
Here on the Continent it is also difficult to book a hotel accommodation for three persons in the same room. An affordable solution would be found in the Youth Hotel, where they have rooms for four people. Like in all businesses, the Hotel Industry has first Profit and only wide after that the specific wishes of the customs in mind. Naughty sneak in is the appropriate solution ;) And thank you for Tegan and Sara, my younger girlfriends are all fond of them.
Tenderly yours,

Candleshoe said...

Premier's are nice - hope you have a fab time!