Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dark Nights

Last week I was working late, it was 7pm and the bell on the shop door rang, I went to serve the customer only to find that they didn't need serving. It was a young women, about my age and she quickly whispered that she was in a bit of trouble. She had been walking from her place of work to where she parked her car down a side street, when a man started walking beside her. She didn't know him, but when he spoke to her he was foreign and told her that he was going to follow her. She saw the lights on in the pharmacy I worked and decided to come in with the pretence of buying something, in the hope that he would get bored and leave, but he told her he would wait outside until she came back.

I looked out of the pharmacy window to see that the man was indeed waiting for her, and reassured the woman that she was ok. I asked two of our drivers to escort the young woman to her car so that the man would get the hint and leave. Luckily, he did.

But what a nightmare! The poor girl was terrified, and with good reason. I was wondering though, if the same situation would have occurred if it was summer? Dark nights seem to lure out dark people!


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