Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Lit by Twilight: New Moon

On a FIRST DATE though. Oh I really can't believe that!

Anyway, Sunday night I went to see Twilight: New Moon. It was actually very good considering the book droned on and on and on and.... you get my drift. The author filled a good couple of chapters without one of the main characters and the dullness was almost overwhelming. Stephanie Mayer also really really really.... you get my drift.... wanted the reader to guess that Bella was completely incapacitated with pain due to Edwards absence. She wanted us to know this so much that I got a little frustrated with her, but the film.... that's another story. It was very entertaining and I was impressed at how it managed to stick to the story pretty well without it seeming boring, unlike the book.

While sitting in the cinema Suzie and I noticed a girl standing on the steps that lead to where people were sitting. Even in the dim lighting we could see the near panic on the poor girl's face as she realised that she had completely forgotten where she was sat, and wished she'd just peed herself rather than gotten up to go to the toilet. She gave in and phoned her friend asking for directions back to her seat, all the while Suzie and I were trying very discreetly not to find hilarity in the situation.

But it really was rather hilarious.
Can't deny that.

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Nadja Norden said...

Nice hilarious story, thank you Auburn♥Luv