Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Scary Religion.

I saw a documentry the other day, actually it was an advertisement for a documentry that asked a question that made me think.

"Would the world be a better place without religion?"

My first thought was 'of course it would.' I mean, Half the worlds problems are caused by men trying to uphold power of THEIR beliefs, but I wonder how many of them actually believe and how many of them just follow the herd?

I personally am not a religious person, I don't want to follow rules that contradict themselves or live by standards someone else has set for me. I want to make me own choices however wrong they may be.

But.... and it's a tiny butt.

I do think it helps certain types of people to have faith, to believe. It gives them hope in trying times, it's just sad when men, and yes.... MEN in general do such evil things in the name of faith.

These men are so pigheaded that they don't realse the atrocities they comit and the pain they cause others goes against the teachings of the gods they worship so vehemently. Bombing people doesn't help their cause, in fact it only makes others disrespect it.

Well, that was my two pence worth of religious bullshit. Now I'm going to search for chocolate.

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