Thursday, January 19, 2006

Broadband bullshit!

I made a phone call the other day to my local phone company requesting the broadband package as I'm still stuck with dial-up and only just decided that I was sick of waiting for pages to load....

I know it took me a heck of a long time to upgrade, sue me!

Anyway, I thought this phone call would be pretty simple, I request broadband, they set it up, send me modem, me put it in.... done. No fuss. No fucking about!

I was wrong....

Very VERY wrong.

Things were only simple from one end and that was mine.... I got stuck trying to explain my request to an incompetant man with an indian accent, I couldn't understand him and he couldn't understand me. Great!

Fucking fabulous!

I put the phone down after a phonecall that should have taken ten minutes dragged on for thirty, not a good start hmm? The Indian man told me the modem would be sent within ten days and they would activate the broadband from their end on the day after I'm due to retrieve said modem.

THEN 7 days later I recieve a phone call from an English man informing me that the consultant I talked to didn't know there was a special offer.... buy broadband now pay nothing for a month. I shall recieve a letter in a few days explaining the offer to me. Good.

At least I'm not paying for the fuck up. But it really doesn't get any simpler. I recieve the letter about the free month that states the broadband will be activated on the 16th of January.... I called them for broadband on the 4th.... that is not ten fucking days, pal!

Alas the 16th came.... then it went and guess what? No modem and a broadband connection I can't use.

I called them back, shouted at the incompetant consultant bull shitters. New modem is on its way dial-up reconnected until said modem arrives.

Honest to holy crap, how hard can it be?!

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