Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Good Morning Pig Shit"

I really have no idea how it started, and I probably don't want the memory to resurface, either. But every morning if my friend or I are on an early shift at work, we'll text each other to say good morning. It probably wouldn't be something to blog about if it was as simple as "Good Morning", but instead we start the day with greetings such as "Morning Skid Mark", or, "Morning rabbit droppings" etc etc....

So this morning I woke up to the usual Before Work Text and responded with something equally as disgusting. Then my friend, Stacy, proceeded to tell me she was going to have blood taken for some tests. An hour later as I'm walking into work she texts me to say that the blood taking was very painful because she has 'deep vains', which is apparently a polite way of saying she has 'fat arms'. Que the giggling.

What is life without a quirky friend?

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