Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Take You Back Tuesday #1

Thought I'd try one of those things that people sometimes do every week where they have one subject they post about on a particular day. And after spending an evening with my old school friend, Katie, recently, reminiscing about the school days and the silly songs we thought were fantastic at the time. I realised that there were actually a lot of songs that I associate with particular moments in my life. For instance, the video I'm about to post is of a song from the 80's. I was two or three years old and I used to put the video tape into the VCR and dance around the living room, copying the people in the music videos.

I still have the video tape, and I still know all of the words to this song.

Group: Amazulu
Song: Excitable

.... yep, three year old me, getting my boogie on.
Good times.

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